Who is LandOne?

We're just like you.

We're Matt & Lia and this our story...

Living in South Florida is expensive and tight. Most real estate here is zero-lot-line, so developers can jam as many homes into as little space as possible. We wanted room to breathe!

So, we started looking into land in different parts of the country. We were amazed by what we found. Big acreage with incredible views for cheap prices.

We knew we wanted something beautiful and cheap but also something that would appreciate over time.

I spent the next year answering those questions and wherever the answer was a big positive for each, I circled the map. And, we eventually found our perfect property out west.

There was a lot of learning, pitfalls, and trial and error along the way, but we learned how to find and purchase the best properties affordably.

When friends and family began asking us to find them similar properties, we realized that our dream is shared by many.  And, because we know what it’s like to long for one’s own space, we decided to build a company around providing affordable properties to people who shared our vision — people like you.

That was the beginning of Land One.  We find vacant land and offer it at affordable prices, because we want to see more people fulfilling their dreams of owning their own land and holding a great asset to boot.

So, browse our inventory and see if there’s a property that catches your eye.  Have something specific in mind and don’t see it listed?  Send us a message — odds are, we can find it for you!

Matt & Lia Demeter